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New technology provides choice and reliability

Introducing the new MC6125 grade, a comprehensive range of inserts that becomes the first choice for the high-performance and reliability when turning a wide range of carbon and alloy steels.
MC6125 is a general purpose carbide grade with state-of-the-art CVD coating for super efficient machining of steels.


Ultimate performance combined with outstanding tool life

  • The new coating technology provides dramatic improvements in heat and wear resistance for longer tool life thereby reducing overall tooling costs.
  • Protection against sudden fracturing during interrupted cutting reduces scrap rates.
  • Reduces tool change time by enabling better consistency of dimensional accuracy and surface finishes.
  • Gold colour of top coating enables easy identification of edges already used.


Technology creates usability

  • Super Nano Texture coating technology - Al2O3 with a TiCN base layer gives outstanding wear resistance.
  • MC6125 uses a new surface treatment at cutting edge for increased stability. Additionally the single layers are made with special smooth preparation that provides improved adhesion to enable a wider range of applications.
  • Tough grip technology enables greater adhesion between layers for a toughening effect against peeling.


Wide choice of inserts and chipbreakers

  • 6 negative geometry types – CNMG, DNMG, SNMG, TNMG, VNMG, WNMG
  • 11 chipbreaker types
    For light cutting – LP, SH, SA and SW
    For medium cutting – MP, MA, MH, Standard, and MW
    For rough cutting – RP and GH